The State of, April 2013

I realize it’s not April yet, but it’s right before the Easter holidays and I’m sure the state of the website won’t change much over the next few days since I have Bioshock Infinite house guests. Anyway, here’s what’s going on:

  • Cards: With the exception of parts of the Black Temple Raid Deck and the entire Magtheridon Raid Deck, every single card in the game has been added to the database. This means that I’m nearly done with entering card data, which is definitely a huge relief. It also means that the database is already fit for everyday use, since the raid decks are pretty dang irrelevant to 99% of the target audience.
  • Scans: No way near completion, but that was to be expected. My original schedule was to add card data first, then go back and add all the scans, but I quickly realized people might want scans for at least the current set of boosters and starters. Scans are currently available for all raid decks (and most of their loot sets), all starters since 2010, all collector’s sets, all Timewalkers heroes and many cards from the Betrayal of the Guardian set. Everything else is missing. I am planning to go back from the latest set and scan everything I have once the card data is finalized, but this will take a lot of time in any case.
  • Mobile site: I’ve created a tailor-made site for smartphone browsing using jQuery Mobile. It’s pretty much as I wanted it to be, although there are some minor layout issues on iPhones. Since I got so much else to do and the problems aren’t breaking anything, it’ll stay that way for now.
  • Search engine: Advanced search is working fine now and since a few weeks also includes tournament legality. I might streamline the search form a bit, as it’s too cluttered with options, but I think I’m getting close here.
  • Other stuff: I’ve moved from Google Analytics to a self-hosted solution, which works better for me and also means your visit data is no longer sent to Google. It’s a win-win situation, so to speak.

And here’s what’s next:

  • I’ll be adding deck lists for the starter decks really soon. It’s not hard to do, just time consuming, although I have the data ready. Lots of search queries ask for starter deck lists, so this is quite high priority for me. I might implement this feature after finishing the card data.
  • I might add PDF versions of the raid deck rules booklets, although I’m not too sure how happy Cryptozoic would be about that. It’s not really a priority right now; raids don’t seem to interest many people.
  • When Blizzard’s new game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is launched as beta this summer, I’ll have a database for that game ready. I can’t wait to play it!

Communication is key – got anything to add, suggest, complain about? Please comment below or email me using the contact form, I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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