and the Reign of Fire

It might as well be the last set ever released, but if my visitor logs are any indication, people were definitely very interested in Reign of Fire, leading to the best month in the history of


The day before release, the site had a real surge of visitors with 334 unique visitors, shattering the former record of 219 which happened when I posted about the Reign of Fire spoiler on Reddit, causing it to stay on the front page for at least 12 hours.

Since then, there was an almost steady decline (except for the usual small spike on the weekend), but I totally expected that as people now have the cards in their hands and don’t need to look at spoilers any more.

A look at the visitor countries reveals a strong interest in the game on the American continent – the site even got linked on a blog from Costa Rica which is pretty amazing.


Work on the database will resume as normal. I was lucky enough to pull a few good loot cards from my booster case (the Epic Collection is still missing, what gives?) so I was able to buy a ton of old singles (mainly from the Drums of War block and some epics from even older editions). I’ll scan and upload them as soon as possible.

Given the uncertain future of the game right now, I feel like I should probably make a statement about the database’s future, so let’s make one: I’ll keep collecting the cards no matter what, and this means the website will continue to be updated as long as there are any updates (this includes old card images, of course). The cost of the cards aside, hosting costs barely anything, so that would be no reason to shut it down.

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