and the end of time


August was a good month for – and at the same time, it was the worst. The visitor numbers were down from July, which was to be expected, as the expansion preview was the main attraction before, but not as bad as I’d have thought. When the bomb hit on August 24th, I wasn’t all that surprised either – I was merely wondering why Blizzard didn’t announce it earlier, but maybe they wanted to maximize expansion sales.

Interestingly enough, the very day of the announcement the visitor number surged for three times in a row. I have no idea why – it was a weekend alright, and numbers usually rise on a weekend, but not by that much.

Anyway, what’s going to happen to the site? As I’ve said before: nothing, except that I’ll finish it. When the announcement hit, I decided to finish my collection – which should be easier now since the prices are dropping rapidly – scan all the cards and add them to the site. Except for bug fixes, there will be no more programming work. Once the site is complete, I will keep it running indefinitely. There is no harm in doing so as the operational costs are negligible.

Oh, one more thing: I’ll go and remove the donation banners now. Nobody gave a damn about them anyway, so I might as well not even ask for donations anymore. Enjoy your banner-free site!

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