Looks like WoWTCG isn’t quite dead yet

Analytics September 2013While the number of visitors did drop from August, this was to be expected – in fact, I was hardly surprised to see the numbers dip to 52 at some point. What I didn’t anticipate, however, was rather dramatic rise at the end of the month. I can’t explain the sudden interest in the database, but I’m rather happy about it to say the least.

On another note, I am almost done scanning my huge collection. Currently, I am putting the finishing touches to Heroes of Azeroth, after which I’ll go to work on Servants of the Betrayer, which I seem to have forgotten by accident. Once that’s completed, the main work is done – the only thing left to do is to fill the gaps in my collection and scan them too, but there’s not much I’m still missing.

Next month – on November 2nd – wowcards.info will be one year old, which means I’ve put the better part of a year of my spare time into this site. Talk about ambition. Too bad the game didn’t survive it.

I’m still waiting for a Hearthstone beta invite – I’ve seen so many videos, I can barely stand looking at them anymore (it’s so annoying watching other people make really bad mistakes), and I seriously hope Blizzard finally gets it done. At least the Hex alpha is coming next week, but they announced staggered alpha invites so I bet I’m not among the first to be invited. Can’t wait to try it out, although there’ll be no PvE in the alpha, which is a shame.

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