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It’s been another month and I’m running out of things to report really. As you can see from the graph, there was a slight decline in visitor numbers, but nothing major – the deep dip on Oct 14th was due to a server outage lasting for about 8 hours.

Today marks the first birthday of! Actually, I started the project a bit earlier, but didn’t reveal it to the world until November 2nd, 2012. The response was unexcited, to say the least, and in retrospect, I can’t blame anybody, as the site was barely working at the time. I don’t know what got into me back then because my usual fault is to sit on projects longer than necessary to make sure they actually work. Fortunately, I didn’t take these rather harsh comments to heart and simply soldiered on, and even though I am still not done a year later, I am pretty damn happy with the result. If only the game hadn’t died in the meantime …

I’m now entirely out of things to do for the database as I have run out of cards to scan. There’ll be a new shipment coming in any day now, but it’s just a few cards and the ones still missing are getting harder and harder to get by. Especially the ones from pre-Worldbreaker sets are a pain, as they are sold by dozens of individual sellers all over Europe, increasing the shipping costs to levels I am not willing to cope with right now. I’ll be putting up a document detailing what I am still missing soon, so if anyone of you has a good amount (read: several dozen at once) of the missing cards to sell for a decent price or even wants to donate them to the cause, please get in touch. Just please don’t ask for several dollars for a rare because I am well aware of actual prices – it’s the shipping costs that kill me.

At this point I am getting more and more certain I’ll likely never fill in all the gaps – some promos are exceedingly rare and always never up for sale at all, and even if they are, they are prohibitively expensive as well (€150 for Lord of Icecrown? Fuck that!). I’m doing what I can and I am still more than willing to finish what I started, but I’d not get my hopes up for the end of the year anymore.

On another note, I’ve finally been invited to the Hearthstone beta, but honestly, at this point I can’t even be excited about it anymore. It’s just not that great a game – well polished, sure, but without being able to trade with players (hell, you can’t even chat with them), I’m not sure if it’s what I wanted.

Still no Hex invite, but to be honest, what I am hearing about the current state of the Alpha is enough to make me want to get into a time machine and cancel my Kickstarter pledge. Also, Gameforge as service partner? That’s some shameful shit right there.

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