The state of, early 2014 edition

Visitors graph

It’s been months since I’ve last reported on the state of, and for good reason: there’s not that much to report. As you can see from the visitor graph above, there’s been some fluctuation in visitors since the year began, but all in all, interest seems to be slowly dwindling. I cannot explain the sudden spike in January as there wasn’t anything special on these two days, but overall, daily unique visitors are well below 100 for weeks now. That’s actually something I’d have expected to happen sooner, so it’s all good.

Thanks to a rekindled interest in World of Warcraft (the game, not the TCG), I didn’t have too much time to work on the database, but as I said before, there’s not much to do anyway. I’ve purchased and scanned a good amount of cards and finally got around to writing a small script to get an overview of cards with missing images. In that process, I also rechecked my collection and found out that I forgot to add a good amount of card images, so I scanned them as well. I’m pretty amazed that my collection is now sitting at 214 missing cards (only 2.74%) with about 60 cards currently ordered from sellers around Europe.

When I wanted to add some more decks to the tournament deck database recently, I found out that Cryptozoic removed their entire WoWTCG site. Not an unexpected move, given that they are no longer producing the game, but I couldn’t find the missing pages on Google cache or either, which is very unfortunate. However, the database does contain the most recent tournament decks, so I’m not certain how many users would even be interested in older decks (pre 2012).

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