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deeparmoryI’ve had this project under development for quite a while now as an internal tool for my guild, but since I had a break from WoW after the guild fell apart, it’s only now that I finally got around putting the final touches to it. is a simple, fast and easy to use replacement for Blizzard Entertainment’s very own Armory website with the following features:

  • all information on one page grouped in easy to understand tabs
  • equipped gear is listed in a simple, easy to read fashion including any enchants, gems and upgrades as well as iLevel
  • character progression drilled down to what’s important: raid progression, trade skills and PvP
  • account activity: by checking achievements, it’s possible to list when the account the character is on was active. That way it’s easy to find out who’s an old-school player and who’s fresh off the boat
  • account milestones lists notable achievements in an easy to understand fashion without having to memorize what achievement stands for which feat
  • linked characters: if the player has any other characters in the database, they will be listed here
  • account/character “problems”: if a character doesn’t have Draenor flying, it’ll be mentioned, for example, and if achievements or statistics indicate the character might have been subject to a paid character boost, it’ll be noted as well. This feature is mainly aimed at guild masters or raid leaders.

There are more features I’d like to add in the future, like for example guild history (which already worked once and suddenly broke for no apparent reason), but for now this is the feature set offers.

Why not take a looksie? Here’s a link to my most active character. If you found a bug or something’s missing, please post below.

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