Turrican Soundtrack Anthology

coverWay over a year ago, I became a backer on Kickstarter for a project I wouldn’t have imagined to happen in my lifetime – a completely re-recorded version of the Turrican game soundtrack. I fell in love with these games’ amazing music when I played Turrican II on my Amiga back in 1991 and was genuinely excited for Chris Huelsbeck to finally revisit all of the tracks (while he had released an OST CD for the second game, it wasn’t the complete soundtrack). So I backed the Kickstarter with 50 bucks for a signed copy of the physical CD set and hoped for the best. Release date was given as December 2012, which sounded very optimistic and in retrospect probably wasn’t remotely possible since Chris Huelsbeck is a busy man.

So it became December 2013 before the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology finally made its way into my home. And what can I say – I am extremely pleased by the results, with the exception of the orchestral arrangements contained on disc 4 which I find a bit weak compared to the electronic versions. The first three discs, however, are fantastic pieces of work, with every track having received the attention it needed. There are new details added everywhere, nothing sounds like a lazy re-recording.

Three of the four discs also contain one remix track by (more or less) famous musicians, and of these three, I certainly appreciate Machinae Supremacy’s fantastic version of “The Final Fight” the most. I didn’t really enjoy the work they did on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams all that much, but the sheer power behind this remix is incredible and makes me wish they’d re-record the entire Turrican music in this style.

Currently disc 1 to 3 are on heavy rotation in my headphones and the music still gives me the chills it used to. Thanks, Chris Huelsbeck, for finally making this happening!



After almost ten years of absence from the live show crowd, I finally got over my lazy self and went to see Mesh in concert yesterday. I had the pleasure several times in the past and was more than glad to find out I’m not too old for that stuff yet. As one could expect from Mesh, it was a perfect show with almost the entire new album (iTunes link) and some old favorites. Not that big an audience, sadly, but those who were there looked rather exhausted – but very happy – afterwards, myself included. Unfortunately, the guest act was  pretty “meh”, but that’s okay as I wasn’t there for them anyway.

(What’s with the post title, you ask? Well … this might give you a hint. Pretty bad video, by the way.)