Current Projects

I’ve developed quite a bit of stuff in my time. My currently active projects are listed below, and you can find out about past projects here.

New York City Sales Tax Calculator (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

nycstciconA very simple smartphone app I made after a holiday in New York City. It takes the price as shown on the tag and calculates the “real” price in dollars and Euro. There’s a paid version as well that converts the dollar price into over a hundred different currencies.

For a tiny project I mostly started to learn Android programming basics, this went quite well. Over a thousand people have actually installed this since release, with over 500 still using it. I even sold some copies of the paid version – not as many that it would matter, but at least part of the developer program fee is covered that way.

In January 2015, I also developed an iOS and Windows Phone 8.1 version.

Created using the Android SDK (Android), Visual Studio Express 2013 (Windows Phone 8.1), Xcode 5 (iOS)

World of Warcraft TCG Card Database (

Wowcards.infoStarted at a time where the WoW TCG was still in full swing, the goal of was to provide a fast, comprehensive and easy to use card database for this fun trading card game. Initial reception was basically nonexistent thanks to the silly idea of  revealing the project in a barely functioning state, but the unique visitor count picked up after a while. A year later, the card game is dead, but the database still lives on with no visible decline in new and returning users from all over the world. As of January 2015, there are “only” a few more card images left to add, but everything else is fully functional. A (mostly) optimized version for mobile users also exists as well as a database of decks played at top tournaments.

Created using PHP (with Smarty), Bootstrap, jQuery, MongoDB (card data) and MySQL (all other data). Hosted by Uberspace.