The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Auto Login

Important: this script no longer works! Don’t bother downloading, it’s useless since Ubisoft added protection against automated logins to their launcher!

The Mighty Quest for Epic LootInstallation instructions

First of all, a word of warning: Obviously, this stores your game password on your computer, which might not be a good idea to do for everyone. If you share access to your computer, or if you are paranoid (in a good way) about storing your password in plain text, please do not use this utility. This should be common sense, really. It should also be clear that you should not reuse passwords; make a special one for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot only and use this utility so you don’t need to remember it. I certainly take no responsibility when your password gets stolen because you used this script – it’s your own call. But unless your computer is already compromised, I wouldn’t know how that could happen.

You can download this utility in two flavors: the full version includes a compiled executable you can just run instead of the launcher as well as the source code. The “source only” version only contains the source code, in case you don’t trust me and want to compile the script yourself (and that’s totally fine by me).

If you have already installed an older version of this script, you can simply download the Update package and extract it into the same directory as before. It only contains the files needed to update to the latest version.

Full version (executable and source code)
Source only version (just the AutoIt3 source code)
Update only version (executable and source code)

The current version is v1.11a, released on 2013-12-22.

Important: this script no longer works! Don’t bother downloading, it’s useless since Ubisoft added protection against automated logins to their launcher!

Unzip either version into your The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot directory as shown below. It’s important that you unzip into the main game directory, not some sub directory. directory

Then, you’ll need to edit the configuration file, TMQFELAutoLogin.ini.dist, found in the TMQFELAutoLogin directory (shown below)configfile

Open it with Notepad (not Wordpad, Word, or any other non plain text editor!). You should see the following structure:

[Login Data]
UserName=<enter your user name here>
Password=<enter your password here>
[Game Settings]

Fill in your login name (it’s actually an email address in this case) as well as your password. Leave the language setting alone. Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S and close Notepad. Now, rename the file to TMQFELAutoLogin.ini.

The next step is up to you. If you trust me, you can simply run TMQFELAutoLogin.exe – it should start the launcher, log you in, and start the game all by itself. You can just create a shortcut on your desktop to make it easier next time.

However, if you do not trust me, you’ll want to verify this isn’t a trojan horse or password stealer first. Open up TMQFELAutoLogin.au3 and check it out – it’s the full source code to this utility. Also, you should take a look at its dependencies to be sure.

Once you are satisfied, you can compile it yourself by downloading and installing AutoIt3. During the installation, you’ll be asked what should happen when you double-click .au3 files – choose “run them”. Once AutoIt3 is installed, you can either simply double-click TMQFELAutoLogin.au3 every time you start the game (you can of course create a shortcut to it as well) or compile it using the AutoIt script2exe utility.

Any questions can be asked in the comments, I’ll be sure to answer them.


v1.11a – 2013-12-22 – Updated for launcher 223680
v1.11 – 2013-12-07
– Updated for launcher 222381
v1.10 – 2013-11-17 – Updated for launcher 220469.

  • Updated login button image
  • Changed how login data is submitted.
  • Now supports certain special characters in passwords like exclamation marks.

v1.01 – 2013-08-17 – Updated for launcher version 213647
v1.0 – 2013-08-05 – Initial release. Supports current closed beta.


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